Cocky Confessions from Asher of 21st Century Rake

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Rake Regency Victoria Barbour RomanceToday I’m interviewing the hero in charge of Victoria Barbour’s 21st Century Rake.

What is your name and role in 21st Century Rake? My name is Asher Corbin. I am without doubt the rake in this novel. I’m the poor sod who really has to work to get the delectable Ms. Grace Nolan to open her heart to me.

Describe your physical appearance. I’m not being vain when I say I look good. I put a lot of work into maintaining this look. It’s part of the lifestyle when you’re a rock and roller. I’m rather tall, my dark hair has never been dyed hence the specks of grey right here (he points to his sides) and I have it cut short at the moment for a film I’m working on. I keep myself in decent shape.

Tell us about your love interest? Interest? Oh, my feelings for Grace Nolan run far beyond interest. The woman haunts my dreams even when she’s lying beside me.

What’s the hottest thing your lover has ever said to you? (He smirks. Then shakes his head.) I’d love to tell you that, but I’d be denied certain pleasures if I were to answer this question.

Who’s your best buddy? What do you guys do when bromancing? Well, he might deny this, but my best mate is Campbell Scott. We lost touch there for a few years after we both finished school, but life has a funny way of bringing old friends together again. Now that we’re both spending more time in the lovely Newfoundland fishing village of Heart’s Ease, we’re both learning how to commune with nature. Although I can’t convince him to go out cod fishing with me and some of the lads from the harbour.

What’s the one thing you’d never tell your lover? A lie.

Do you rely on your physical prowess or your intelligence to attract a lover? Neither. I rely on my charm.

I see. Is there anything you’ve done that could have landed you in prison? (Asher was on the verge of responding when his publicist, manager and Grace Nolan herself interrupted.)

Name your most comfy article of clothing? I don’t dress for comfort. I dress for style.

What can your lover or potential lover can do to totally turn you on? Smile at me in a manner that says “I dare you to…”


What’s your method of travel, motor vehicle, motorcycle, horse, etc. Is the conveyance special to you? I’m a die-hard Audi driver. Although I’m rather fond of a horse these days as well.

Tell us something no one would believe about you? Large or small.
I don’t enjoy being famous. I don’t enjoy being this version of myself that many of the media have come to expect of me. And as for your large or small comment, Ms. Dani, have you noticed how tight my trousers are? Surely you can see the answer for yourself.

Indeed I can…uh um, Mr. Corbin. And thank you very much for taking the time to share some very intimate details with our readers.

Asher’s creator is Victoria Barbour. She’s the author of four contemporary romance novels set in the fictional Nfld village of Heart’s Ease. Asher first appeared in her first novel, Against Her Rules. The superstar rocker became a fast favourite of many readers and so Victoria rewarded him for good behavior (evidenced in her other books) by giving him a novel of his own (21st Century Rake).


“Are you in the movie?” Grace figured with his drool-worthy looks, he just had to be.


“What’s your part?”

Again with the staring.

“I’m playing a gentleman.”

“So you’re not a gentleman in real life?”

Asher laughed. “That depends entirely on who you ask, I suppose. But I’d wager the common consensus would be no.”

“Ah, so you’re a scoundrel then?”

“I think, in the spirit of the film, I’d prefer to think of myself as a rake.”

Her heart jumped. Rakes made the best heroes. It was always the job of the heroine to help reform the rake.

In this room, in these costumes, the muffled sound of a small orchestra wafting down the hall, it was easy to imagine herself in a scene from one of her novels. Of course, it would be scandalous for the hero and heroine to be found alone in the library. She thrilled a little at the idea.

“Do you know much about the Regency period?”

“I didn’t. But I do now. I’ve spent ages reading up on it. For the film. I know that I’m far more like George Wickham than I am the estimable Mr. Darcy.”

He knew Pride and Prejudice!

“I doubt that,” she said.

He laughed. It was a little harsh. “My darling girl, have no delusions about me. I am no Darcy. I’m not even a Bingley.”

“So you’re not a character from an Austen novel. Better for you that you’re not anyhow. Life is better when it’s not so black and white, right?”

“Very true. And you?” Asher asked.

“What about me?”

“Are you like a character from one of Ms. Austen’s novels?”

Grace snorted. “Hardly. They’re all too witty or demure or social for me.”

“You’re pretty social right now.”

“Social? Hiding away in the library, plotting my escape?”

“Then isn’t that demure?”

“No. That’s desperate.”

“Then you’re certainly witty.”

“Wrong again. I’m just argumentative.”

I’d like to thank Asher for his entertaining interview and Victoria for introducing us to her hero.  You can find Victoria and her books via the links below.  And if you’d like your hero to confess on Cocky Confessions, drop me a line on the contact link on my About page, or message me on Facebook. DJ

Victoria Barbour VB
Twitter: @vickibarabour



9 thoughts on “Cocky Confessions from Asher of 21st Century Rake”

  1. Too fun! I love these interviews Dani! Keep ’em coming! Excited for you Victoria! XOXOXO Happy Friday girls ❤


  2. Great character, Victoria, he really came to life. And Dani, don’t stop doing these, they’re a great Friday read.


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