Romance Weekly June 17 #LoveWriteChat

This week: Three words to describe my current hero

RomanceWeeklyThanks to Jamie Denise for this week’s interesting author questions, and if you arrived here via, Victoria Barbour we appreciate you continuing the hop.

When writing your novel, do you know how it’s going to end before you Young Woman Sitting Looking at Laptop Screenwrite, or do you write from start to finish?

Not usually. I’m a pantser progressing to a combo plotter/pantser because mega rewrites are a bitch. Still, I’m pretty open with plotting. I know the main conflict and the romantic conflict, but like working my way to the resolution. Plotting an entire novel feels contrived for me and robs my fun of surprises even if it means some rewriting.

How do the people you know impact your writing? Are you influenced by friends and family for your characters?

I realized after a couple of books there’s always a disconnect between the heroine and her mother. This is directly linked to my past, but was subconscious, as I never think, I’m going to write a character like a relative, friend or co-worker. I might pick a trait or two, but not much more.

As I said in another post, I worked in a male dominated company for years where sarcasm was the main form of communication. I really miss the snappy dialog and usually incorporate some into my writing.

Quarterback Holding FootballDescribe the hero in your current WIP in three words.

Heath Lancaster: Tight End, Tactical and Southern. For those unfamiliar with American Football the tight end is on offense and blocks as well as receives passes. They are flexible players with speed and agility. Because they block, they usually have a lot of muscle on the hoof with little fat because they have to be fast. And if you are a football fan you might know there’s a famous tight end with the same first name as my hero. 😉

Check out Brenda Margriet‘s blog next on the hop to see if she knows how her novel will end before she begins to write.

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15 thoughts on “Romance Weekly June 17 #LoveWriteChat”

  1. It was quite some time in my writing that I realized I did mingle some of my own relationship issues into storylines LOL. They say write what you know. Loved your blog!!!


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