Weekend Writing Warriors – Hot as Blazes: Straight Whiskey

WWWWeekend Writing Warriors –  Hot as Blazes: Straight Whiskey. I’m continuing this week with a snippet from my newest release Hot as Blazes.

Pro surfer, Jo Mercer, has just arrived home to the Outer Banks after a some trouble in California. She’s just seen the owner of the Hummer parked in the driveway racking his surfboard and he’s wearing a Firefighter Tee. Now on to this week’s excerpt in nine:

Behind a pair of wraparound shades, he eyed her. “Bobby’s gone for the weekend.”

Her dad had been a captain for Nags Head. “Yeah, I know. How were the waves?”

His smile seemed familiar. He whipped off his shades and closed the distance. “Jo!”


“Ray?” She nearly toppled from her platform flip-flops as huge biceps wrapped her in a bear hug that left her toes dangling. His touch shot through her veins like straight whiskey.

Hot as Blazes is available at all major

e-book retailers.

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Hope you enjoyed this snippet and will visit other amazing Weekend Writing Warriors posts for #8Sunday.

10 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – Hot as Blazes: Straight Whiskey”

    1. Wow, glad you want to read it Charmaine! It is available in paperback, but kinda pricey. Hoping they’ll put them on sale soon. This publisher doesn’t do PDF versions because of piracy or something. If you’re a member of NetGalley I think you can request a copy for review.


  1. So, I’m a bit confused… I mean, I know she wanted to see Ray, but I thought she also didn’t want to see Ray. Or, is this a caught by the moment thing where doubts haven’t kicked back in yet?


    1. She’s shocked to find him at the house when she arrives. It’s like running into the guy you secretly loved but he never knew it. Although she’s excited to see him, she’s embarrassed about what happen in CA. She’d kept her homecoming a secret from everyone but her brother.

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