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Weekend Writing Warriors – Diamond Glitter

wewriwa_square_1On this week’s Weekend Writing Warriors, a story I started a couple of years ago.

Cody’s mission plan for the night? Drown missed opportunities and forget his lack of future before stumbling home to his nearby rental. His second whiskey sufficiently numbed his pride and loosened his tongue while the beauty dancing near his seat at the bar distracted him in other respects.

A short chain of glittery diamonds dangled from her navel as she rocked her hips. No ink graced her honey brown skin, but the way her hips, he’d be willing to bet a Benjamin one lurked somewhere beneath the slinky gold halter top or the skin tight jeans. Dark loose curls swept down her back bouncing in time with the pounding bass of the dance tune.

Except for the mini lights strung along the glass rack of the bar and a few sporadic red bows hung in the seaside tavern, it didn’t look or feel like Christmas time. The Outer Banks’ balmy weather had the Casino II’s patrons dressed in summer attire.

Swiveling back to face the bartender, he ordered another round.

“You on the hunt, bro?” Jake eyed the woman among the gyrating bodies while serving Cody his drink.

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Hot as Blazes: Burned and Twice Shy

wewriwa_square_1Hot as Blazes: Burned and Twice Shy. On this week’s Weekend Writing Warriors, I’m finishing the first chapter of my new release.

After some trouble in California, Jo Mercer’s pro surfing career has tanked. She’s returned home with a secret and just finished a call to the probation office in California. The warm Atlantic calls her to feel its warm embrace.

Jo_HABAfter grabbing her surfboard, she charged up tall dunes through wild
sea oats and time slowed. She dashed through the breakwater, paddled out and straddled her board.

After doing her best to honor her father’s memory by earning a degree and ranking in the surfing world—she trusted an asshole.
Would her dad still be proud of her, was Ray?

By trying to please everyone, she’d lost sight of what she wanted. The sight of Ray left her with a hollow ache for a man she’d never know beyond friendship. He’d never seen her as anything but a friend and Bobby’s sister.

She didn’t expect that to change. Plus, after being burned
in California, she didn’t trust anyone with her heart.

Hope you enjoyed the last snippet from Hot as Blazes and will visit other amazing Weekend Writing Warriors posts for #8Sunday.

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