Weekend Writing Warriors – Hot as Blazes: Dahlin’

WWWWeekend Writing Warriors –  Hot as Blazes: Dahlin’. I’m continuing this week with a snippet from my newest release Hot as Blazes.

Pro surfer, Jo Mercer, snuck back home to the Outer Banks of NC after a some trouble in California. Right of the bat, she runs into Ray,her brother’s best friend and her secret crush. Shocked to see him first thing, she doesn’t know how much her brother has revealed about her misfortune. Now on to this week’s excerpt in ten:

“Bobby didn’t mention you were coming home, Dahlin’.” His pale blue eyes held her captive and his southern twang brought her home faster than a jet from LAX.


The sexy sound of her pet name made her stutter, “Ahh, it was last minute.”


Well over six foot, her high school surfing buddy had grown into a man with a body rivaling most NFL tight ends. He squinted and cocked his head.

With her lifelong fantasy standing so close, coherent sentences failed her. She poked the firefighter seal over his rock hard pectoral. “So what’s this?”

“I thought Bobby told you?” he said before smiling lazily and running a hand over his close-cropped hair. “Couldn’t play lifeguard forever.”

Hot as Blazes is available at all major

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Hope you enjoyed this snippet and will visit other amazing Weekend Writing Warriors posts for #8Sunday.

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