Hot as Blazes: Imaginings

WWWHot as Blazes: Imaginings. On this week’s Weekend Writing Warriors, I’m continuing this week with a snippet from my newest release.

After some trouble in California, Jo Mercer’s pro surfing career has tanked. She has just arrived home at the oceanfront beach house where she grew up and runs into her brother’s best friend and her secret crush.

Ray is blown away by her unannounced return, but couldn’t be happier. In this scene, he’s left their by chance reunion on his way to a partial shift at a neighboring fire house south of his home station. The crew is having lunch and immediately teases him about having wet hair from his earlier surfing session. “Must’ve got laid,” another firefighter teased, “looks like he just showered. On to this week’s snippet.

He let their banter slide and eased onto an empty chair. He tossed some bills on the table for the grocery fund. They’d be feeding him dinner too.

“So?” the captain asked raising a bushy brow.

“Surfing, the sets were perfect.” He smiled as a sub sandwich slid in
front of him. Seeing Jo after five years was better than sex. Unless the sex happened to be with her. But that would be making love.

Something he’d only imagined―a million times.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s excerpt and will check out the many talented authors on the blog hop. Weekend Writing Warriors.

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