Cocky Confessions: Jax Loren of Shenanigans by T.B. Bond

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Scandalous CoverToday T.B. Bond’s hero, from Senanigans, is in the Cocky Confessions hot seat.

Tell us a little about yourself.

The name’s Jackson Loren, but these days I go by Jax. It’s cooler than Jack and it’s nowhere close to Jacky.

Love the name Jax. What do you do for a living?

I just graduated from Lancaster University. I’m the financial consultant to the Alpha of my pack. I’ve always been good with numbers. My grandpa was an accountant and he liked playing the money game with me when I was kid. Grandpa was awesome. I got to keep my winnings. That’s how I got my first game system.

A numbers man. So who is your love interest and how did you meet in Shenanigans?

Cin’s my mate. Her real name is Edward Richards. Yeah, I know, sounds like a dude. She’s not. We went to the same school and I thoroughly checked. I enjoy checking.

Too funny. What’s the one thing you’d never tell her? That I bet against her in the Sniper tourney.

**Raises eyebrows**

Hey don’t look at me like that. Cin’s awesome and sexy as hell, but she’s a noob at FPS– First Person Shooters for the other noobs. I’m completely serious when it comes to investing capital. I love her for trying. She looked hot while she taking out some of the other noobs. The way her lips curled while she aimed. And the trash talk…. Oh, yeah.

What’s something your lover can do to totally turn you on? Basically, what I just said.

Do you have a fetish? A pair of mile high legs is my kryptonite. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a firm believer of TnA. But I enjoy boobs in my face and my hands on her ass when strong legs are wrapped around me tight. A good day after coming home from work starts with Cin jumping into my arms with her legs wrapped around my hips and ends in the morning.

Wow…an all nighter dude! You go! Where were you when you lost your virginity? The girl’s locker room.

Somehow I don’t doubt it. Who’s your best buddy? What do you guys do when bromancing? Les is my bro. We’re total opposites but there’s no one else I’d want to have my back. It was rocky at first when, I moved in with him. Now it’s gravy. I don’t know about the bromance thing. I keep hearing about it but I don’t think that’s us. Other than Les’ obsession with being ‘tight’ as he calls it, we’re regular dudes.

Name your most comfy article of clothing? I’m happiest with no clothes.

I see… is there a favorite piece of clothing to remove from your lover? Panties.

How about the most interesting place you’ve taken your lover? In a motel room while en route to an upscale brothel. I know that’s more of a situation and not a place, but it’s still on my mind. It’s a long awesome story that makes me too horny to tell. Read the book.

Yeah, I’m thinking that’s a given. What’s the hottest thing a lover has ever said to you? Be yourself. Finally, a woman that’s not trying to change me. That is hot as hell.

Cool, is that what intrigues you most about your lover? More how she keeps her sanity coming from a big family. I’m an only child so having her five sisters including me is crazy. And they all have different powers. That really keeps me on my toes. Cin’s little sister, Nicky can read minds. She’s always peaking at mine. It’s funny because she’s always turning beet red and Cin starts yelling at her. Then Taylor and I laugh about it. The wacky, kooky hi-jinks keep me in stitches. I love Cin’s family.

What worries you the most? I’m worried about Cin’s confidence. She hasn’t been around the block like I have. I’m her first lover. She’s my mate. There’s no one else for me. The entire pack knows, but she doesn’t understand. What if she rejects me? This sounds girly, but I don’t know if I can live without her.

What’s your method of travel, motor vehicle, motorcycle, horse, etc. And is said vehicle per say special to you. I’m starting to really dig portalling. I can be anywhere fast.

I need you to teach me how. I so want to be a jumper. Do you have a hobby? I have a minor in culinary arts. I love coming up with new foods to eat. I’m the main cook in the house. Les eats rabbit and bird food when he’s in charge. Cin knows the basics of cooking, but as a baker she missed her calling. I’d starve if I didn’t take over kitchen duty.

Jax, thanks so much for the entertaining interview. Maybe I’ll see you around on a full moon. If there’s any other heroes out there that would like to sit in the Cocky Confessions’ hot seat, message Dani Jace on Facebook or send me an e-mail through the contact link on the website. And for for an excerpt from T.B. Bond’s Shenanigans.

Jackson Loren tossed back a shot of whiskey. He motioned to the bartender to hit him with another shot. This one, his fifth, he nursed as he tried to drown the sound of loud music. Who had the bright idea to go out on the town? He had a paper to write if he wanted to pass his Business Analytics class and graduate this semester.

Knock on wood.

This class, true to form, was brutal. The professor took advantage of the fact that the college only offered this class in the Spring Semester. Professor Bempong enjoyed lording ’his way or the highway’ over everyone. The entire semester held nothing but brown-­‐nosing and nose grinding. If he didn’t need the degree for his pack, he would just eat the guy and be done with it.

He downed the rest of the shot at the thought of brutalizing another…brutalizing a human being. His gut clinched. Pete would frown at his revulsion over his animal tendencies. The pack leader had the opinion that humans were only good for food, employees, and sex. He recognized few exceptions. If a wolf hungered enough, a human was SOL.

Twisted as it was, he missed Pete and the rest of the pack. He looked forward to going home to Tidewater after graduation.

“I need another,” he yelled over the din that some called dance music, but the bartender shook his head.

“Hey, Jack.” His blonde roommate, Les, laughed as he slapped his back. “You’re not going to sit at the bar all night, are you? The good ones don’t hang around here.”

Jackson frowned at the bartender before turning to his friend. What the hell? He had a buzz strong enough to consider the idea. He hadn’t been laid all semester. “I’ll bite, Les. Where are the good ones?”

His roommate grabbed him by shoulders and moved from the bar. He thumbed toward the dance floor. “Just grind up next to one and see how she moves.” “I ain’t that drunk.” Jack shook his head and started for the bar. His friend grabbed his shoulder as a new song began, but he said, “I’m going upstairs.”

“Keys?” Les asked, holding out his hand.

Jackson rolled his eyes and threw his keys at his friend then turned toward the stairs. He didn’t bother arguing the issue. Les wouldn’t let him walk around with car keys when he was knocking shots back like water. His roommate would put him in a squad car and throw him in jail until he dried out first. That was the drawback of having a cop for a roommate. He would have to take his fun on foot someplace else.

If the bartender downstairs insisted on cutting him off, he’d find a bartender on another floor who would accommodate him. This was one plus in coming to such a popular club as Bay’s. They had plenty of everything -­‐ legs, ass, boobs, and booze.

In another day, he would gladly take a break, but today… Jackson rubbed his left shoulder. He bore no scar, but he remembered the pain of the bite he’d received four years ago.

That bite had turned him into a werewolf, which wasn’t so bad. It had its weird moments, but plenty of paranormal movies and books had subliminally primed his mind for the possibility. Edward scarred him more than anything. She never came back to school. He found her house empty when he tracked her down days later, looking for answers.
Pete said she’d tried to kill him. He still wanted her.

He had a lot of questions and nothing made sense. Pete had tried to explain that she no longer posed a problem, but that made him more suspicious. He tried to get the details out of the alpha wolf, but Pete refused to elaborate. He got pissed whenever anyone asked him questions. It was rare for Pete to be so vague. Jackson figured it had something to do with the elfin angel. He didn’t remember much before he passed out, but he remembered her. The elfin angel had erased parts of Pete’s mind. That was Jackson’s theory, anyway. All he had to do was find her and he could find Edward. Then he could make her talk.

“I need to get a life,” he muttered as he sat at a bar. He threw a bill on the counter. “A shot of José.”

A bartender poured the drink and took the money. Jackson picked up the shot to toss it back then paused. Hairs on the back of his neck stood on end, and his skin erupted in goose flesh.

What the hell? Was he sick? His heart started to race.

“Hey, buddy, are you okay?” the bartender asked.

He set down his drink. “I’ve had enough.” He pushed from the bar and strode away. He needed some air.

You’re my addiction sang throughout the club as he made his way downstairs to go outside. He scanned fruitlessly through the gyrating crowd for Les. Once he regained control, he would head to the apartment, company or not.

A familiar flash of dark locks caught his eye for a moment before dissolving into the sea of dancers in the dim club atmosphere. His breath slowed as his heart started to race to the beat of the music’s bass line. He sensed something here. It had to be.

He tried to focus his senses then cursed. It was really too damn loud in this club. What possessed him to come here? In frustration, he turned for the exit.

…When you move like that, I get so excited…

A cinnamon scent looped a noose around him and arrested his movement. Facing the dance floor, he followed the scent. An orgy of dance surrounded him as he joined the sea of undulation.

In his peripheral vision, women gyrated against their partners with vigor as they moved in time to the music. A few of the dancers withdrew to the side and began to bump and grind against the wall, not bothering to take it to the bathroom.

His temperature increased as he advanced to the center of the crowd. He barely wondered where the bouncers had gone or why everyone acted so heated. He was too far gone himself.

You and me in the corner…

“Mine.” He growled as the cinnamon started to short-­‐circuit his brain.

He had only one obstacle to his goal. A dark-­‐haired guy in jeans and a polo shirt moved against sex in heels.

“Mine.” He pushed the guy grinding against her and claimed her for his own.

“The hell,” the guy yelled over the music. He lunged at Jackson, cocking his fist.

Jackson flashed his canines.

Polo shirt faltered. “Freak,” he muttered before disappearing into the crowd.

Jackson wrapped his arm around cinnamon’s waist and tugged her close against him. He buried his nose in her neck as he moved against her. Euphoria filled him as they danced and he took in her essence.

In some other part of his brain, the sane part, he screamed to rein in his
possessiveness and get out of Dodge. He didn’t understand his own actions. He’d somehow switched to autopilot, except he reveled in it. Cinnamon felt good next to him. His body was calm. Calmer, anyway. He only wanted to stay next to her and breathe in her scent all night as he moved inside of her.

You’re my addiction…


Edward ran a hand through her hair as she leaned her head to the side. She loved Devin’s music. Devin Blake was her favorite artist. Nothing could put her in the mood like one of his songs. Devin’s soulful lyrics, along with a sensuous beat, made it easier to incite lust in her fellow clubbers. Everyone around her frenzied in heat from her sutra, her sexual magnetism. For the last three hours, she sampled from each person she touched while dancing. It was a slow process, but she could feed with control.

She frowned as she remembered her true purpose at this club. She hadn’t come for fun. This was survival. She readied to turn around and call it a night when her dance partner moved to her neck and took a deep breath.

How erotic.

A rush of energy flowed over her body, warming her as she closed her eyes. She felt good now. It may have taken all night and tortured the hell out of her, but coming to a club and letting someone grind on her satisfied her. It allowed her to eat without leaving a string of bodies. It provided the perfect plan.

“So good.” She sighed under her breath.

“Yes, and this is only the beginning,” he whispered in her ear as he kissed her neck.

She opened her eyes as his raging erection pressed into the small of her back.

This had gotten out of control. Her dance partner played with fire but had no idea. She moved her hands to his on her waist then paused.

How had he heard her?

She spun in his embrace, smacking him with her hair. Not her most graceful moment. “Look I don’t…” She looked into Jackson Loren’s eyes.

Damn. This was worse.

His eyes narrowed as he grabbed her by the forearm and dragged her after him. A million thoughts, all of them bad, ran through her mind as he yanked her through the crowd and out of the club.

Her first inclination was to cause a scene then run, but Bay’s furnished one of her best feeding grounds. She couldn’t afford to taint it by letting workers notice anything unusual. Once outside, she would make her move.

Cool air brushed across her heated skin as they entered the parking lot. She tugged her arm free once they reached a secluded area and created some distance. She would do whatever she had to if this got out of hand.

“Are you hunting me again?” Jackson asked.

Credulity widened her eyes and slackened her jaw before she shook it off.

“Again?” she asked. “I never hunted you. Besides, you’re the one who was grinding against me.”

His face flushed. He flexed his fingers. She could feel his anger and embarrassment. “You call sending me a compulsion from another area of the club not hunting me?” he asked as he stalked toward her.

She stepped backward until her back hit a wall. He placed his hands on either side of her. She detected something wrong in him. He gave off classic signs of aggression. She should kick him in the groin, knee him in the face once he doubled over, elbow him in the jaw, and take him to the ground to make short work of him.

“First off, I can’t do that. I have to see you in order to send a compulsion,” she argued, leaning forward and bringing them eye-­‐to-­‐eye. “Second, you chased me. Both times. I tried to blow you off, but you kept pressing and then—”

He kissed her. He sent his hands to the edge of her top and touched the underside of her breasts through her bra.

She moaned into his mouth. This was going way too far. She reluctantly freed her lips, but he shifted to her neck. Her eyes drifted shut as she tried to gather her strength.

When she had set out for the night, she donned one of her sexiest outfits -­‐ a Mandarin-­‐style crop top, similarly styled ankle-­‐length skirt with slits to her hip on both sides, and strappy, stiletto sandals. She had dressed to kill…figuratively.

“We can’t.” She pushed him. “I don’t want to kill you.”

He growled and closed in. “What are you doing to me?” he asked, stopping.

“I’m not doing anything. Look, it’s been a long night and I—”

“No, you’re not running away. You owe me an explanation.”

His arousal pulled at her sutra, she shoved at him. “I already told you that I’m not trying to seduce you.”

He didn’t relent. “Not about that. About the last time I saw you. The night I got turned,” he replied.

An ache stabbed her in the heart. “No.” She sighed sorrowfully as she really looked at him.

He was a werewolf. It explained their current situation. No wonder he was angry. He probably blamed her. She should’ve recognized his lycanthropy from his demanding stance, his possessiveness, and his unusual sexual magnetism.


She gave her head a shake to get back on task. Jackson’s life had forever changed because of her, yet she could only think about how good it would feel on top of him. “I am…I need some answers as well. Apparently, there are some things I don’t know. We need to talk somewhere away from the Naturals.” She pointed outward and drew a door in the air. “Oscail an doras.”

tiaHeadShotTB. Bond has been writing, drawing, and web designing for years. When she is not doing one of those things, she’s reading and watching anime. Nerdtastic to the core she’s a Whovian, Trekie, Otaku, and probably a whole host of other things.

Described as one of the hardest working people known by her friends, she holds three degrees; one in science, one in art, and one in information technology. Currently her main job is in a learning technology department where she uses elements all of three fields.







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